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Pre-College Portfolio

Posted by Irina Simeonova on

We are experiencing a rough reality but creativity has no boundaries. Our future designers are so eager to create and enjoy life. We are offering all of our classes and programs online until the world becomes a healthy and safe place. 

Here is Emma's dress design from her portfolio. 

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Color - The thought provoking meaning and distinction of

Color is a language unto itself -- a visual lexicon that has long provided humans with information about the world around them. Through the centuries, even as the mechanics of how humans perceive color has become better understood, scientists are still studying how humans react to particular hues.For anyone designing or creating, the influence of [...]

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Student Makes Room for Creativity

Emma's smile was wide as she glided through the three rooms that together represented her one-day installation, "Meraki." Created with partitions and a liberal use of black paper to cover a wall of windows, Emma's vision stretched out along a narrow hallway at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., from which she will soon [...]

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Junior Fashion Academy student's 'playhouse' encourages creativity and wonder

Emma remembers the wait -- the long line that stretched outside the Bushwick warehouse last September. After many hours, it was finally her turn. As she wandered through 29Rooms, the art and fashion funhouse presented by lifestyle media company Refinery29, she became entranced by the many installations, performances, interactive experiences, fashion and art featured throughout the [...]

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Beyonce's Fashion Stylist, Newheart Ohanian, will discuss creating the revolutionary Lemonade Album

For the past 12 years, Newheart Ohanian traveled around the world to "style" for top fashion magazines and work with many celebrities. One of her latest projects had her working with Beyonce on her ground-breaking project, “Lemonade". Beyonce and Serena Wiliiams                       “It was  the most amazing [...]

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Graduating Seniors found their Dream - A first in a series

This is part of a series on the graduating seniors in the Junior Fashion Design Academy at New England Fashion + Design Association, as well as students who will be attending college programs this year.Georgia ankle-high boots, with their thick, black laces, chunky heels and shimmering, holographic effects are impossible to miss. She looks down [...]

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