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Fashion Stylist Incubator - Spring 2021

10 weeks: 2 hours a week + 40 hours in real life projects -
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This is a once in a life time opportunity to study with an editorial stylist - Newheart Ohanian. (http://www.newheartnyc.comIf you put all of your eåܪ?orts out you could end up with an internship in the fashion industry as an assistant with a this known stylist. This course is for someone who wants to work in styling for fashion editors or celebrities. Have a look behind the scenes of glitz and glory and hold your breath, the learning just begins here.
The fashion industry and the image industry are blending into one in our times. Today, lifestyle is the projection of success. More attention is being paid to professionals who are in the public eye. It is becoming ever more important to understand where our new life style is taking us and to use the change for professional enrichment. 
Home improvement programs are flooding all TV and cable stations while fashion and style channels are designated to teach us how to dress, work with our self esteem and change our lives. 
The profession of fashion stylist is on a rise and we at the New England Fashion+ Design Association are very excited to offer our members a 15 week certificate workshop through which you'll be introduced to the new stylist profession from the inside. You will have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals from the area and from New York to learn how to start and establish yourself as a stylist. 
Celebrity stylist not only create important looks for their clients but they also influence the fashion trends and create ripples in our lifestyle: for example, Sex in the City put Patricia Field in the first row of trend setters – this, just to mention one example. So jump on for an exciting ride and adventurous future by registering for the Fashion Stylist Certificate Workshop. The opportunity to help behind the scenes during fashion week will be presented to the best and most outstanding graduates.
Our workshop is offered on line and in a classroom. Our instructors are professional stylists, make up and hair artists. We will be visiting studios and showrooms in NYC for the on ground class. The online workshop will offer guided projects with extended time period so the student could get the project complete.  We will be working on developing a professional portfolio to support your future efforts in starting your own stylist practice.
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