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Color - The thought provoking meaning and distinction of

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Color is a language unto itself -- a visual lexicon that has long provided humans with information about the world around them. Through the centuries, even as the mechanics of how humans perceive color has become better understood, scientists are still studying how humans react to particular hues.

For anyone designing or creating, the influence of color is an integral element of expression. As you consider your overall design, think about what your colors are saying and, perhaps, how they are being heard.

Here's a look at some of the more popular colors:

Red - It colored a pair of famous slippers. It is used for the holiest of vestments. And, when streaked across the lips, it can be the mark of a femme fatale. Red is the bold-faced name in the world of colors. Fiery, passionate, vibrant, dangerous- it adds drama and pop to a design. At times saucy or sacred, red never fails to attract notice.

Blue - It surrounds us in the expanse of the sky above us and the depth and breadth of the water around us. Blue denotes loyalty, security, authority, tranquility, divinity and wisdom. In design, it can suggest formality or dependability, depending on the tint or shade you use.

Orange - From the most glorious of sunsets to autumn's luminous foliage, orange is all about warmth, beauty, hopefulness and joy. If you want to make a statement, but don't want the oomph of red, consider a pop of orange.

Yellow - It backs the ubiquitous smiley face, which is a clue into its enduring impact as a color. Yellow exudes energy, joy, buoyancy, cheerfulness and confidence. A little bit of yellow goes a long way. Consider its use as an accent, or design element that adds flair.

Green - It's lush and verdant appeal is a natural resonance, considering it's the color of terra firma - our roots. If you want to suggest renewal or growth or harmony, go for the green.

Gray - It has never stopped traffic, or caused a panic. Steady, elegant gray has depths that are relatively easy to plumb, and its classy charm makes it a versatile player in fashion design. It's a look that never goes out of style.

Violet - It is the hue of kings and queens, with its regal, lush, romantic, mysterious and dramatic ways. Violet, or purple, is the child of passionate red and tranquil blue, a dichotomy that evokes fascination and peace. In design, it draws the eye and attracts the spirit.

Brown - Fans of the color brown know it has far more depth than it's utilitarian leanings suggest. Another versatile player in fashion, it appears at first a wallflower until its steady presence and richness of color becomes an important supporting player to the brighter and more vibrant colors with which it is teamed.

Black - Little black dress, black tuxedo, black apron .... Need we say more? The most sophisticated and pedestrian of the hues - the range of black is extensive. Use it to suggest elegance and utilitarian styles simultaneously.

White - White may seem clinical at first, but it is unique in its purity and unfettered potential. The canvas upon which other colors can shine, it also can stand on its own. It's a versatile, reflective medium that offers the wearer a tabula rosa from which to create.

What's your favorite color?

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